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Man on the Street: Mock Disaster Edition (Part 2)

Alysse Delgado and Jazmin Quintana, Videographers
October 9, 2014
8th grader Jeffry Grady pretends to be injured as school staff tend to him Friday. There were 30 student actors who participated in Friday's mock disaster drill.

ROJH students play victims in mock drill

Christopher Stephenson & Yudit Munoz, Reporters
October 9, 2014
A fire truck pulls up next to a line of school buses outside the high school Friday. More than 900 students and staff evacuated the junior high during the mock disaster drill.

Mock disaster drill described as a success, though some areas for improvement cited

Courtney Jackson & Maria Loredo, Reporters
October 9, 2014
Students jog to the buses during the mock disaster drill Friday. More than 900 students and staff members were evacuated to the high school gymnasium during Friday's drill.

Emergency exit: Students, staff evacuate ROJH during mock disaster drill

Gracie Klander and Ebony Harden, Photographers
October 7, 2014
Principal Cristi Watts said that Friday's mock disaster drill will make students more prepared if a real disaster happens.

Q&A: Principal Cristi Watts

Rylee Choate, Marketing Editor/Graphic Designer
October 5, 2014
Jane Smalley, Photography and CAP teacher at ROJH, is part of the Medical Services team during Friday's mock disaster drill.

Q&A: Jane Smalley

Yessica Lopez, Photojournalist
October 4, 2014
Malea Jaffe, ROJH art teacher, will serve on the medical services team during Friday's mock disaster.

Q&A: Malea Jaffe

Mikayla Flores, Opinion Editor
October 3, 2014
Red Oak ISD Superintendent Scott Niven said the mock disaster drill will help better prepare students and staff for a real emergency.

Q&A: Superintendent Scott Niven

Kailee Kerstiens, General Assignments Reporter
October 3, 2014
Irina Rodriguez, receptionist at ROJH, will be part of the Contact and Communication team during Friday's mock disaster drill.

Q&A: Irina Rodriguez

Tristan Oliphant, Reporter
October 3, 2014
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