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NFL protests force Americans to take sides, reconsider patriotism

K. Asher, C. Blanco, and A. Williams

November 1, 2017

Pro football player Colin Kaepernick, along with several professional athletes across other sports, sparked a firestorm in America  late 2016 when they decided to kneel and bow their heads during the national anthem, silently pr...

Athlete of the week: Future “Pro” in our midst

by T.Hayes

April 3, 2017

Thousands of students across Texas make the cut each year. They run the plays. They hike the ball. Yet, only a small fraction of these student athletes ever go "pro." Carter plans to be one of the few. Eighth grader Carter...

Athlete of the week: She’s outside the ‘box’

T. Hayes, Sports Editor

March 24, 2017

Sports isn’t just for guys.   Eighth grader Jahida  Johnson is a boxer, dancer, and  track and field athlete these are both outside of school. She wants to go professional with boxing and dancing. ”I like fightin...

Teamwork tops coaches’ wish list for ROMS basketball season

Tiffany Hayes, Sports Editor

November 28, 2016

By Tiffany Hayes Last year's  basketball team was not successful because of the way their skill on the court --  they more successful because they did the charity work at the Red Oak nursing home. Coach Christopher Walker...

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