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NBA former superstar Kobe Bryant dies at age 41

January 31, 2020

NBA former superstar Kobe Bryant dies at age 41 in a helicopter copter crash January 27 2020 in Calabasas CA the helicopter was spotted at 9 AM. 9 people died including Gianna "Gigi" Bryant Kobe Bryant himself Gianna's teammate ...

Overcoming struggles on and off the field

D Pimentel, Sports editor

April 9, 2019

Middle school sports can seem like a joke to some. But for others this is the time where  you’re working as hard you can to prepare for high school. Kenneth Molano,an 8th grader at Red Oak Middle School was just like any other ...

Football is always in season

Z. Mitchell and Z. Mitchell

March 31, 2019

When most people think of working out, they think about bench pressing, deadlifts or squats. ROMS football cornerback Stellen D’Angelo is one of the athletes participating in offseason conditioning. There’s much more ...

Eighth grade survivor “runs” for her life

E. Garcia, Social Media Manager

April 17, 2018

Amy Flores is a healthy track athlete and she loves what she does. Was it always like this though? When Amy was only eight years old she got diagnosed with a rare kidney cancer called Wilms Tumor. Wilms Tumor is a type ...

On the Right “Track”: Is stretching really that important?

M. Menefee, Staff Writer, Business Manager

March 2, 2018

Stretching is extremely important if you're an athlete. Pulling a muscle isn't fun, and to avoid this you need to stretch before performing any physical activity. I stretch in the morning after I wake up, and at night to be sure that I sta...

On the Right “Track”: Are you an elite athlete?

M. Menefee, Staff Writer, Business Manager

March 1, 2018

  Being an athlete has so many different titles. There are athletes that could care less what they're doing, the conceited athletes, the negative athletes, the athletes that think friends are more important than the ...

Dreams, inspiration drive ROMS Lady Hawks basketball team

Kathy Castillo, Staff Writer, Executive Editorial Assistant

January 27, 2018

Bre'yunna  Blakley starting playing at age 12, taught by her brother and her dad. She sees herself in 10 years still playing basketball, with a goal of becoming an MVP player. What makes Blakely keep moving forward and motivated he...

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