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Rachel’s Challenge brings positive change to ROMS

K. Page, Producer

April 13, 2018

We live in a world where random kindness is scarce and violence seems to be waiting around every corner. Helping others has become more of  a chore and not something people enjoy. Yet, there are still groups looking to inflict...

Food Beyond Gravity

Food Beyond Gravity

February 4, 2018

NFL protests force Americans to take sides, reconsider patriotism

K. Asher, C. Blanco, and A. Williams

November 1, 2017

Pro football player Colin Kaepernick, along with several professional athletes across other sports, sparked a firestorm in America  late 2016 when they decided to kneel and bow their heads during the national anthem, silently pr...

ROMS Writing Competition

A. Asher, News Editor

September 28, 2017

Nugget and HeiHei want students to express themselves - now! The chickens, who are being trained to help students purposes, are now sponsoring a school-wide writing competition. All students who want to participate are encouraged...

The Unexpected Millenial: 9/11 attacks and effects

S. Murthy, Staff Writer

September 17, 2017

[Opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the thoughts, opinions or beliefs of the Red Oak Middle School community.]  September 11, 2001 was one of the worst days for...

Feathered friends arrive at ROMS

A. Asher, News Editor

September 15, 2017

Chickens are used for a variety of reasons which include eating and experimenting. Mrs. Hamby, a seventh grade science teacher at ROMS is using them for something entirely different. By observing other schools that used dogs to...

All for a test – STAAR anxiety strikes again

A. Johnson and A. Garrett, Staff Writer

April 5, 2017

The time is near. The time that anxious students, parents, and teachers fear. Oh no - STAAR is here! Preparing for STAAR can be very stressful. But why would an annual test cause such grief? One theory is that a student’s mindset pla...

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