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The 7th and 8th graders STAAR Test

Abbie Rodriguez

April 3, 2015

What I they think about the 7th and 8th grade STAAR TEST  they think about how hard it is but all have to do is do there best and not think about how you can fell because you will not fell you git it and you can pass if you just...

The Robotic Class

March 20, 2015

The Robotic class is about robots that you can help theme together in class I think you should try it out and see if you like it for yourself . And what you do in Robotic class is you put together and you go step by step and you...

The Robotic Club

January 26, 2015

At Red Oak Junior High, there is the robotic club. Think of it as fun time and they go to meetings and learn how to make the robots and what to do with them. The way they get into the Robotics club is that they have to be in Robotics...

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