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Column: The Cheer Life – Behind the Scenes

A.Myers, Staff Cartoonist, Staff Writer

January 7, 2020

People wonder, "what do cheerleaders do to prepare for games?" They only see what we have worked on for months and what we have been perfecting. Yet, they don't know what it takes. We get injured trying to perfect it. Lit...

Column: The Cheer Life – Camp time!

A. Myers, Staff Cartoonist

January 7, 2020

Going to cheer camp is a huge tradition. We normally go to a resort hotel. Last year we went to Great Wolf Lodge, and this year we are going to the Gaylord Hotel and Resort in Grapevine. Camp is normally hosted by either U...

Column: The Cheer Life – Getting to Know Each Other

A. Myers, Staff Cartoonist

January 6, 2020

Bonding Bonding with your team is the most important thing in cheerleading. It determines on how well you compete with your team or how you treat each other. It will affect how you do things if you don't get along. That's w...

Column: The Cheer Life – Expensive, but worth it

A. Myers, cartoonist

January 6, 2020

Cheerleading attire and costs The first thing that we do once we make the cheer team is get fitted for our uniforms and camp wear, and then we pay for it. We have to try on sports bras, spandex, sleeves, skirts, tops, warm up...

Column: The Cheer Life

A . Myers, Staff Cartoonist, Staff Writer

April 1, 2019

"Hawk fans, where are you at? Let me see your hands clap!" Have you ever wanted to know about cheerleaders and what is put into all the events they do? Well if you have, welcome! Cheer spirit is important to the sch...

For these Hawks, unique pets are family too

A. Myers, Staff Cartoonist, Staff Writer

April 1, 2019

Few are unusual, weird , or even unique. People have some interesting pets, with unusual traits. Eighth grader Ambrin Hayes has three ferrets Rogue, Havok, and Mystique and two ducks Cheese and Quackers. The traits for the ferrets ar...

Column: The Cheer Life – Cheer to Win

April 1, 2019

Competitions are a big deal in the cheerleading world. We work months before the competition just perfecting every move and every stunt making sure it's competition ready. We have after school practices of just working on the motions and stunts . We can't forget to...

Chickens can be man’s best friend, too: Raising Chickens 101

A. Myers, Staff Cartoonist, Staff Writer

March 29, 2019

As many ROMS Hawks know, the science department has been raising (and training) chickens as therapy animals for students. This is year two of the project, and the chickens are stronger than ever. Some students have considered r...

Column: The Cheer Life – Stunts

A. Myers, Staff Cartoonist, Staff Writer

February 23, 2019

Stunts Cheer stunts can be very complicated it takes a lot of skill to do advanced stunts. You don't have to be a professional stunter you can be a beginner to do stunts. Some of my favorite stunts are a cradle, a full, and ...

Column: The Cheer Life – Cheer only LOOKS easy

A. Myers, Staff Cartoonist, Staff Writer

February 13, 2019

 To me, cheers are so confusing - not because they're hard, but because there are so many. Some of our cheers are "hold that line," "D D D defense," and "keep on, Red Oak." Most of the first couple weeks of being a cheerleader we work on cheers for ...

Review: This Movie Is Incredible Two

January 3, 2019

I have just seen Incredibles 2, an amazing movie but it may not be for everyone. I am talking about action and so much detail in the movie, but you may not like it because there are so many details in each  scene that you may ge...

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