RO: In the Know

You’ll never know if you never try

M Menefee, Buisness Manager, Staff Writer

March 29, 2018

Trying in life is really a life or death situation. You either choose to chase your dreams and achieve your goals, or you let your dreams go to waste and decide to  just settle for anything. Everyone should try in lif...

On the Right “Track”: Is stretching really that important?

M. Menefee, Staff Writer, Business Manager

March 2, 2018

Stretching is extremely important if you're an athlete. Pulling a muscle isn't fun, and to avoid this you need to stretch before performing any physical activity. I stretch in the morning after I wake up, and at night to be sure that I sta...

On the Right “Track”: Are you an elite athlete?

M. Menefee, Staff Writer, Business Manager

March 1, 2018

  Being an athlete has so many different titles. There are athletes that could care less what they're doing, the conceited athletes, the negative athletes, the athletes that think friends are more important than the ...

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