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America’s Foreign Foods**

K Ransom, Staff Writer/Graphic Designer

April 27, 2017

Am I going to pass the eighth grade?! This is the truth...not being dramatic and all, but seriously... It's 6:45am. Time for me to get up and get dressed for school, but there’s one problem: my stomach felt like knots so...

America’s Foreign Foods

K. Ransom, Staff Writer/Graphic Designer

February 23, 2017

Sometimes I want to pull my hair out. My gorgeous, curly, jet black hair. Yes, it’s that stressful around here. Just think about this: you're struggling in your number one, absolute toughest class. You’ve been having hard...

Teachers, students can help decrease test stress

K. Ransom, Staff Writer

February 7, 2017

Every spring, Texas  middle school students have to take the STAAR test. Every year teachers prepare students for the STAAR. Every. Single. Year. Students have been struggling to either learn or comprehend what they’re doing....

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