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Column: Music. The Heartbeat of our World – Magnificent seven of the guitar world

Zechariah Mitchell

January 7, 2020

Thank you for joining me again. In this column, I will be talking about my seven favorite guitarists and why. This is based on the influence they had on me. Randy Rhoads This was originally the guitarist from the band Quiet Riot, but h...

Column: Music. The Heartbeat of our World – The Opposite of Favorite

Z. Mitchell, Anchor, Senior Staff Writer

January 7, 2020

Welcome back to Music. The Heartbeat of our World. This time, I will be talking about my 5 least favorite bands, and why. #1 is going to be the one I hate the most. #5 will be the least. Iron Maiden I am not a huge fan of metal. I...

Column: Music. The Heartbeat of our World – Four drummers

Z. Mitchell, Anchor, Staff Writer

January 7, 2020

The 4 drummers every drummer need to listen to. In this list you will see the 4 drummers that most need to listen to, to become a successful drummer, and why. Neil Peart If you are old-school enough to know him, you...

Column: Music. The Heartbeat of our World

Z. Mitchell, Anchor

January 7, 2020

This column today is about the main genres of music, and the kind of instruments and talent to play them. Hard Rock This genre of rock holds my favorite band AC/DC. Just listen to them and you’ll find why they call it hard rock. Th...

Column: Music. The Heartbeat of our World – Top 10 Bands

Z. Mitchell, Staff Writer, Anchor

May 14, 2019

Welcome to my corner. I believe that the most important thing in our world is music. It gives people such strong emotion. So in this column you will see my list for my Top 10 Bands, and the reasons why they are there. Ben ...

Football is always in season

Z. Mitchell and Z. Mitchell

March 31, 2019

When most people think of working out, they think about bench pressing, deadlifts or squats. ROMS football cornerback Stellen D’Angelo is one of the athletes participating in offseason conditioning. There’s much more ...

Review: “Spider Pig, Spider Pig” steals the show in The Simpsons Movie

Z. Mitchell, RO:In the Know Anchor

January 3, 2019

The lake in the town of Springfield (state unknown) is  highly polluted and one more thing thrown in it could make everything bad. This animated comedy has a seriously ominous beginning.  At church, Homer’s father Abe Simpson (Da...

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