Review: Marvel takes ‘me, myself and I’ to a new level with Moon Knight

Review: Marvel takes me, myself and I to a new level with Moon Knight

David A., Anchor

What word is spelled incorrectly in every single dictionary? Answer: Incorrectly. That was a confusing, yet satisfying, corny joke. In the same way, that is how the show Moon Knight will make you feel at the end of every episode. Still, you won’t regret watching this six-episode limited series. 

Imagine being two people at the same time. Well, that’s how life is like for Marc Spector (played by Oscar Isaac). There’s something called Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), a very rare condition, in which one person has multiple personalities.

*Spoilers ahead*

That being said, Steven Grant seems to be just a clumsy museum gift shop worker who seems to have a hard time going to sleep in the first episode. Little does he know there is a whole other side of him: Marc Spector, battling evil in the night.  Then comes Harrow (played by Ethan Hawke), the antagonist of Moon Knight. Long story short, Harrow’s agenda in the show is to bring back a mystical Egyptian ‘god’ named Ammit. Ammit’s plan is to come back to Earth and “judge humanity” – but her definition of  justice is a little…different. There is more to the legend, but I don’t want to spoil the whole story line for you.

Without a doubt, Oscar Isaac has become one of my favorite actors. Only those who watched the show will know how great Oscar Issac portrayed the character…er, characters. Ethan Hawke also did a great job portraying the villain of Moon Knight. He is one of those villains that think they are doing a good thing for the world, but actually are not. 

There were so many good action sequences that I could write about. Specifically, there was one scene at the end of the first episode, where Marc “summoned” the Moon Knight suit, and started beating up this ugly werewolf thing (jackal) that was chasing him. Not to mention, his Moon Knight suit was pretty cool also.

I think the only thing I didn’t like was how confusing the series was. There was something new in every episode that made me kind of annoyed, as though I didn’t know what was really going on. This series was a little on the dark side; a darker story line than you might expect from Marvel.

After watching Moon Knight, he has definitely made it into my team of favorite superheroes. I rate this movie an 8.5/10, only because it was just a little disorganized. (But maybe that was the point?) Overall, I recommend Moon Knight for anyone who loves mysterious stories. There are some scary parts and bloody scenes, so keep your little brothers and sisters away from it. It is an awesome show that I hope you will enjoy watching.

David Asher is a seventh grade student at Red Oak Middle School. He anchors for ROITK. In his free time, he loves to draw and play games. And of course, he loves watching TV. He also loves to go swimming in the summer-time and enjoys playing soccer.