Everyday Green: Welcome to my garden

Aryna V., Copy Editor

Texas is famous for its beautiful Bluebonnets and other wildflowers. You’ve seen them, right? They always bloom around Easter time.  You may have seen the beautiful blossoms at the entrance to your neighborhood or even on the side of the road. In fact, you may have a garden in your own yard. If you’ve ever wondered how to grow plants or how to protect them, this column series is for you!

Don’t rush the process…”

A beautiful yellow rose that bloomed on the rose bush my mom planted behind the house

I was about nine years old when I discovered I had a “green thumb.” Well, it’s in my blood – my mother and grandmother also love working with plants. Back in Belarus, our family had a lot of land (even a potato farm) and gardening was such a relaxing and fun thing to do. Here, my mom has filled our backyard with shades of red, fuchsia, yellow, and white blooms. She makes it look so easy, but believe me, it takes hard work. 

Garden bed in my front yard

The first piece of advice: Creating a garden takes time. Don’t rush the process or be disappointed if the growth takes longer than you expect. Things won’t sprout in one or even three days. It’s easy to stop caring if you don’t see progress right away but don’t give up. You might even kill your plants the first time around, but notice your mistakes so you don’t repeat them the next time you have a go at growing something.

In my next column, I’ll give you a couple of ways you can start small with your brand new garden.