Commentary: People Play Too Much

Romeo J., Sports Editor

Even though we are just in middle school doesn’t give us a reason to be immature. People in the hallways are always playing and play- fighting, but it is not just in the hallways, it is also in the classroom. To start off, it’s distracting to people who are trying to learn and maybe it’s a class that they need for their future. In the hall, it is inconsiderate to other kids who are trying to get to class. And when teachers try to correct you and you ignore them it is also inconsiderate.

Playing is not acceptable in a learning environment at all. It keeps happening because in some cases these kids who do not get disciplined at home and then they come to school and think it is okay.

And it can also be the other way around, their parents could be too much and never let the kids express themselves so they come to school and act out and disrespect their teachers because they have built up anger against adults.

I think that kids’ parents should do better and kids should take into account that they don’t know everything that everyone is going through at home and that’s with students and teachers so they should treat everyone with respect. When people make fun of others to impress their friends it’s not funny, and if you do that you need to rethink your morals. At the end of the day not everyone is going to be nice to each other but that still doesn’t give people the right to be disrespectful to others.