Let’s Review Minecraft: What’s the rarest cape?


Ella A., Photo Editior

Minecraft has many capes. Let’s talk about the rarest.

Most people may or may not know how capes are given. As most people know Minecon attendees are given an exclusive cape. These can include the 2016 enderman face cape or the 2011 red creeper face cape.

But most people don’t know some of the rarest capes. One of the rarest caps is the one millionth cape. This cape was awarded to akronman1 for being the one millionth buyer of Minecraft. Jeb, the lead designer of Minecraft, asked (Notch the creator of Minecraft) for permission to award this cape. Notch said yes and he was awarded a purple cape with a golden star on it. 

The player who called himself  ‘The turtle lover’ is famous for asking developers to add turtles to the game and turtle helmets. The developers liked the idea and his idea was added in the 1.13 update. For his idea he was given the turtle cape. This cape has a red background and a turtle back on it.

The rarest cape ever was given out in 2011 by Notch (the creator of Minecraft) himself. This cape was a bacon cape, the rarest cape ever given was a cape with a bacon texture on it. This cape was given to Miclee for having the idea of zombie piglins. However what makes this cape so rare is that it was removed. Sadly Notch removed this cape after being asked by so many people for personalized capes.