Luxury Cars Compared: Coolest Features

David A., Anchor

One thing you can always be optimistic about in brand new cars is the specific attributes that each one has. You can never doubt how fun it is when you get a new car and discover its qualities. Like how the Bentley Bentayga (a car model you’ve probably barely have heard of) went to the extreme and put a whole hamper buffet in the trunk.

It has all sorts of things in it – drinks, glassware, silverware and believe it or not, it even has a mini fridge. But how do you take it out, you may ask? It is set on a custom engineered mechanism that can be pulled out anytime you will.Rolls Royce

The Rolls-Royce Wraith goes further to have magical lights on the ceiling of the car which you can turn on from the driver’s seat. This is probably the most amazing feature I’ve seen so far. If you look closely, you might even be able to see shooting stars. This is one of the best cars that I know.

Last, is the magic body control feature of the Mercedes S-class. Whenever the vehicle’s road surface scan detects anything like potholes or bumps, the magic body control system automatically sets the suspension beforehand. For those who don’t know what suspension means in car language, it’s basically the shock absorbers whenever you drive on bumps, so that you can drive smoothly on rough roads. But with this feature, it will be like gliding across the road without disturbance. 

I think the most interesting feature was Bentley Bentayga’s hamper. The starry ceiling was interesting as well, and I liked how creative it was. What was your favorite feature? 

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