Luxury Cars Compared: Comfort Levels

David A., Anchor

What is one major priority for having a luxury car? Its comfortability. No car has ever been titled as luxurious without its satisfying and glamorous cushions. Or how about a curtain that can cover a window with a click of a button? Here I have picked some of the most comfortable luxury cars for you.

Remember those times when it is really cold outside and you really wanted something to keep you warm? Well, the BMW X6 has heated and power adjustable front seats. The seats of this car are leather-trimmed, which will make you feel the most sleepy you’ve ever felt. It not only has leather trimmed seats, but even a leather wrapped steering wheel.

The Mercedes-Benz EQS also has an all-leather interior, and rapid-heating seats. In fact, it has cooled front seats too. When you really need to get your seats to warm up fast, this is your car. It also has comfort rear headrests for you to lean your head on peacefully. 

When it comes to creativity, you would be surprised about how much technology has improved. For example, the Rolls Royce Phantom uses technology to enhance the privacy of the car. This car puts you free from disturbance. With a click of a button on the rear door or driver’s door, a curtain can cover the windows. Rolls Royce always makes their car a lot more roomy than other vehicles. There are also hidden cabinets that you can open.

 If I were to say which one is the best, it’s gotta be the Rolls Royce. It really is an amazing car that has a lot of cool features. Watch for my next column on ROITK, which is specifically about cool features of cars.