Review: Loyalty wins in “Isle of Dogs”

Review: Loyalty wins in Isle of Dogs

Oscar H., Sr. Managing Editor

Please, if you love art and emotion please watch Isle of Dogs. It truly is a beautiful and fun movie to enjoy.

Cats have been preferred over dogs for a long time in this story, dogs on the other hand, are sent to a landfill, on an island, many many miles away from the mainland.

One boy (Atari), and his companion, a dog, are separated like in many movie plots.

But the thing is, this kid is determined to get his dog back. On the news, a headline appears talking about a boy that has hijacked a plane and has headed over to the island. The boy lands and is hurt but is alright, but other people were sent to retrieve the boy, other dogs on the island decide to help the boy and fight the others that were sent. Of course, the kid and these other dogs win. The boy was fond of one dog in particular but not so much vice versa. Then the dog recognizes the picture of the kid’s dog, now the journey is on!

This story’s message is hard to pinpoint, but I think that the message is that you should always fight for who you love, such as Atari’s dog.

This animated movie has tons of good voices like Jeff Goldblum, Bill Murray, and others.

If you love art and movies with good spirit please think about watching this beautiful movie. Isle of Dogs was directed by Wes Anderson, the man who also gave us “Fantastic Mr. Fox.” 

Personally I love this movie and give it a (truthful) 8/10.

Oscar Harms is a Seventh Grader at Red Oak Middle school hoping to be a journalist when older. He loves writing and hanging out with his friends. He also likes athletic sports like soccer and running.