Corpse Bride. Disclaimer, she’s dead!


Aryna V., Copy Editor

You’ve probably heard of this movie. If not, well, you’re in for a ride. The main character accidentally marries a corpse and doesn’t know what to do. I’d like to tell you MY opinion on it. It’s pretty melancholic and depressing because the world of the living is so grey and boring, while the world of the dead is fun and exciting. It’s inviting to die in their world.

So let’s start with the summary. Victor  Van Dort and Victoria Everglot are scheduled to have an arranged wedding and Victor gets nervous, so he goes into the forest and practices his vows. All was going well until he accidentally put the ring on a corpse. Right after that, his dead bride, Emily, takes him with her to the land of the dead, while Victoria waits for him in the land of the living. He desperately tries to find a way back, but it’s not so easy.

It’s a Tim Burton stop-motion musical film, and the voice actors were Johnny Depp as Victor Van Dort, Helena Bonham Carter as Emily, and Emily Watson as Victoria Everglot. In my opinion, I think ALL of the actors in the film did an amazing job, even the small roles some of the characters had. They captured the spirit and mood of the movie perfectly and added personality to the characters. There were a lot of song parts in it, and each one was even better than the one before.

I really liked how the movie kinda had morbid visuals. It added to its personality of it more. I also really enjoyed how even though Victor and Emily had completely different personalities, they bonded over time. The scene where Victor came into the world of the dead for the first time was by far my favorite. He was so confused it was almost funny to watch and also kinda sad. Lots of mixed feelings, but none of them were bad. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every scene.

To me, the theme was that love isn’t always happy. It can be sad and disappointing sometimes too. I think that other people will find another connection between death and love and how love doesn’t die and that even after death it still exists.

I’d recommend the movie to anyone honestly, I think that people of all ages should watch it. It covers hard topics like true love, death, and murder, so I think anyone above 7 would be okay to watch it. The MPAA rating for Corpse Bride is PG. All in all, it’s an amazing film. I’m giving it 5/5 stars.