Column Series: Let’s review! – Minecraft: What is 20w14∞


Ella A., Photo Editor

Minecraft has some cool updates and some boring ones. Among those is 20w14∞

20w14∞ is a snapshot. A snapshot is a testing version of the game. It’s like a version of the game that’s released for players to test out before adding to the game. Minecraft does this when they want players to test the game before it’s added.

Minecraft has had an April fools snapchat since 2011. All the snapshots are just jokes and not added to the game. Some of them are small like changing some textures and some change how the game works.

So what is 20w14∞? 20w14∞ was added in 2020. It added some new blocks like the box of infinite books. It also added a block called an ant which can only be accessed through commands.

Most importantly it added new dimensions, a so-called infinite amount. The dimensions can be accessed by getting a book from the box of infinite books. You click on the box and get a book then you throw it into a lit nether portal and you can enter a new dimension.  20w14∞ really is infinite.