Column Series: Let’s Review! – Minecraft What is the hardest achievement in java Minecraft?

Ella A., Photo Editor

Used with permission. Copyright Mojang Studios.

Minecraft has some crazy hard achievements and some as simple as opening your inventory. Also to make the most sense of this you need to have basic knowledge of the game.

Among the hardest achievements is The Beaconator. In order to complete this achievement

You need to get a beacon. This requires killing the wither which you need 3 wither skulls to make and even with looting 3 your odds are only a 5.5%‌ chance to drop. After you have the skulls and kill the wither you still need glass and obsidian. Then to power it you need 164 iron, diamond ,netherite,- or gold blocks then you power your beacon and the achievement is yours.

The second hardest achievement is “how did we get here.” To complete this achievement you have to have every potion effect possible. This may seem simple at first until you realize that includes levitation and the only way to get that is by a shulker which you need to go to the end for. If you think that’s simple you also need dolphins’ grace which you can only get from a dolphin. You would also need mining fatigue which you can only get by being near an elder guardian which only spawn in an ocean monument. Then also need to be withered which you get from either a witch rose or a wither skeleton. Finally you need to brew all the positions you can. Once you get all the effects at the same time the achievement is yours.

Now the hardest achievement in java Minecraft is Almost there. This achievement was added April 1, 2020 as a joke snapshot. It added new blocks and most importantly new dimensions. These dimensions were created when you took a book out of the box of infinite books and threw it into a nether portal that then created a portal to a new dimension. Snapshot 20w14∞ also added a new achievement called Almost there. To get this achievement you need to visit one billion dimensions. It takes about five seconds to enter a portal and you need to enter one billion dimensions so it would take at least 158 years to complete making this the hardest achievement in java Minecraft.