How music has helped this generation


Romeo J., Sports Editor

Music has helped this generation in many different ways. London Bunton, a ROMS student, says that music is “very therapeutic.” “When I’m upset I listen to music and it makes me forget about everything,” Bunton said.

A lot of artists come from very hard situations, some come from homelessness and growing up in hard neighborhoods. Music gives them money to help their family, but that doesn’t mean they are happy. Music isn’t very hard to access but sometimes it costs money to listen to.

A lot of people are affected by music in many different ways. Another student Brieahna Estrada said, “When I am upset I listen to music to relax me. It also helps my anxiety when I am around a lot of people”.

According to Florida National University, a study found that music’s effect on anxiety levels is similar to the effect of getting a massage. People listen to music when they study, including Bunton. There are proven benefits of listening to music while studying. According to Be Brain Fit, music activates every part of the brain so it’s good to listen to it while studying. 

Music is a big part of society today. Cognition Today says that Americans listen to approximately four to five hours a day. Even making music is on the rise. According to the biggest streaming service in the world,, Over 60 thousand tracks are uploaded on an average day. Music will always be growing and artists will keep releasing music. For the rest of the time music will be an essential part of everyday life. 

Although a lot of people listen to music, they don’t all have the same taste. Two ROMS eighth-graders have two totally different views on music. Daniel Rodgers said his favorite genres of music are rap and R&B, and  Estrada said her favorite is indie-pop. Pop is the most popular music genre so far in 2022 according to MusicianWave. Some listen to lo-fi hip-hop to study because it’s calming and it helps them focus. 

Everyone from athletes to actors listen to music. This is supported by commercials. Before a game when the players are warming up, you can see them with their headphones in, bobbing their head to their favorite songs. And actors will often play music on set when they are not filming. Actors will post videos of themselves and their fellow cast members listening to music on Tik Tok and Instagram. Music is even associated with parties and dancing. There are dances to certain songs that are performed at parties. Music has made a big impact on millennials all over the world and will continue to have a huge impact in years to come.