Conversations, and how to have a good one

Oscar H., Staff Writer

Umm… Well… yaa… Some kids have trouble having conversations, but do you know how to fix it?

Studies have shown that taking risks is scary, but it is actually a good start to getting to know people. Lately due to Covid-19, it has gotten even harder to talk to other people. Now is a better time than ever to work on it.

Talking in person is a lot better than talking online because you don’t have time to think about the question and you typically say your real opinion.

Louis Hauffe says, “I definitely feel comfortable in person because I can express my emotions more.” 

When you talk to someone you don’t know, some things can become hard or awkward. But according to NBC, psychologists say push past the awkward moments. Even if conversation feels uncomfortable, it’s probably doing you more good than you think. 

You do not want to use arguments to start a conversation so instead use something called icebreakers. What icebreakers do is they get people to think. For example, “how do you feel about the way people have treated the earth”. You will more than likely not know that off the top of your head… So you think about it. 

NBC also says, don’t worry when having a conversation:

  • The other person might talk too much. 
  • We might talk too much. 
  • They might shut down. 
  • We might get bored. 
  • They might get bored. 
  • There might be an uncomfortable silence. 

Those things don’t matter, just relax and talk to them. offers tips for talking to (new) people:

  1. Ask for information
  2. Pay a compliment
  3. Comment on something pleasant 
  4. Introduce yourself
  5. Offer help
  6. Ask for help
  7. Mention a shared experience
  8. Ask an opinion
  9. Praise the person
  10. Show genuine interest
  11. Ask about them