Students react to new Texas abortion laws


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Kaliyah C.

Texas just passed an abortion law (aka Heartbeat Act), banning abortion after around six weeks of pregnancy. Women, including teens, now have less options due to the actions the State of Texas has taken.

Medical experts agree that (around) six weeks is the time when someone’s pregnancy is discovered. Anyone who knows that you have an abortion can sue you. They could also sue the people who interacted with anything related to that abortion. 

Let’s answer the main question: “What is abortion?”

According to Medline Plus, an abortion is a procedure to end a pregnancy. A licensed healthcare professional uses medicine or surgery to remove the embryo or fetus and placenta from the uterus.

LifeChoices Inc. explains that taking this risk comes with some effects.

“It may seem like abortion is the solution to moving on with your life or getting back on track. No matter what you choose to carry or to abort your life is forever changed. This pregnancy will always be part of your story.”

A Red Oak Middle School student would like to share her journey through abortion. Her name is not being published in order to protect her identity and respect her privacy. 

This anonymous Red Oak student found out she was pregnant in the spring of 2020. When she did, she freaked out — so did the father of the baby.

“He kind of flipped and said, ‘No way,’” the student explained. “When I showed him the actual test, he told me to get an abortion, because he didn’t want to be there for it.” 

What helped her make her decision was her inner thoughts. She believed that if she were to have the baby she would ruin her life by dropping out of school, and not having enough for anything. “It was just a lot in my head and I knew my parents weren’t with it,” she said. So, I just decided to have an abortion.”

The heartbeat law has had major effects on people’s opinions, including this generation of  young women and families. The law has even made people angry, and some believe that the law should be taken back and banned. 

Aubrey Cross, an 8th grader in ROMS, is not against the idea of abortion.

“I feel like if that’s what it comes to, you know that’s what it comes to,” Cross said. “I genuinely think that’s just you know, something normal. Some people are against it, but if that’s what someone goes for, that’s just what they go for,” she said. 

She said she believes abortion is okay, but there is also a limit to when you could get it, when the baby is not fully developed. She thinks it’s not right for the law that just passed to take someone’s choice from getting an abortion within 6 weeks.  “I feel like you’re taking someone’s right, something that they don’t think they’re ready and not ready for.”

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School nurse Christy Helms has very mixed emotions about abortion. She doesn’t necessarily agree with abortion, but also thinks that it is not the government’s right to tell someone what they can and can’t do with their body. 

“I think their lifestyle would drastically change because they wouldn’t have all the time to hang out with their friends,” Helms said.  “I think it would affect their academics and they may be looked upon poorly by their peers.”

To the students who would be possibly facing pregnancy, Helms has some advice. She believes that they should stay in close contact with their parents, take a step back and look at the bigger picture, and to not make decisions at the moment.” [They need to] understand that their life is not over, it’s just taken a different turn,” Helms said.  

There are some people that are against abortion, so the idea of it being banned may satisfy them in some way.

Ayah Faraj, is against abortion. ” I feel like it’s just sad, because  why would someone want to give up their baby, like why would they want to tear it apart like that. I feel like it should be banned.”

“It’s also against my religion,” Faraj, who is a Muslim, said. In the Islamic religion, abortion is forbidden. “I feel like it should be their choice; but like, why would they want to abort it like that?”

American Life League, is one of the organizations that are opposed to abortion. Their website claims “too many people” have decided that the right to reproduce entitles them to choose life or death at will. People then call this “right” a liberty—which to them means freedom to do as one pleases, the website said.

The main group that focuses on abortions, stories from teens, movements, and fighting pregnancy discrimination is Pro-Choices America. The organization has been up and running for more than 50 years. Pro-Choices America’s website claims the group represents the “7 in 10 Americans who believe everybody should have the freedom to make the decisions for themselves about if, when, and how to start or grow a family – without political interference.

There are many options and groups to choose from that students could take part in to make sure young voices and opinion are out in the open.