Review: Up

Many people know the emotional Pixar movie called UP, and as one of my favorite movies, I’m going to review it!
The movie stars Ed Asner as Carl Fredrickson, a 76-year-old man who lived a happy life-well for most of it anyway. The movie starts showing little Carl watching a movie about exploration.
Carl loves adventure……maybe a little too much.
After the movie, he heads home. Only to find an abandoned house. Carl walks in with-oh yeah-he has a balloon. He sees a girl who just might have the same amount of love for adventure that he does. She is playing with a steering wheel yelling out fictional events she is creating. Carl is amazed. He turns to look at some of the papers she has on the wall. When he turns around the girl is right behind him. She startles Carl and his balloon goes up to the second floor. He walks across this board on the non-existent floor when it falls! Carl is in his bed and wearing a cast on his arm.
From there Carl and Ellie would become best friends…even more than that one day. Carl and Ellie get married and they are the happiest they’ve ever been. Carl and Ellie plan to go to a place called Paradise Falls and have a house there. They have a jar which they save lots of money, but every time they have an emergency they break the jar. They try to save as long as they can and one day Ellie and Carl think they might be having a kid.
Then the emotional parts happen.
Carl is now an old man who lives alone in his small house. Everything in it reminds him of Ellie. One day, Carl wakes up to LOUD noises. He goes outside to find that construction is happening right next to his house. They bump into his mailbox, and Carl gets mad. It has his and Ellie’s hand on it. They were about to break it. He got mad and conflict built up.
He whacked the construction man with his walker, which results in him going to a retirement home. Carl doesn’t want to go. As the people picking him up think he is just locking his door he goes back inside and inflates lots of balloons…so many balloons that the house starts FLOATING!
Carl loves this. His plan? To go to Paradise Falls. This is all seems like a good idea until he hears knocking on the door. Knocking? He opens the door to find a Boy Scout named Russel (played by Jordan Nagai) terrified on the front porch of a flying HOUSE.
Carl and Russel don’t start as friends but soon, they will become like father and son. They meet a dog on the way who is played by Bob Paterson, who brings lots of humor to the movie.
They meet other dogs who….aren’t quite as nice. One is named Beta (played by Delroy Lindo) and the other Gamma (played by Jerome Ranfit). Their leader is named Alpha and is also played by Bob Paterson. But THOSE DOGS have leaders who just so happens to be Carl’s hero. He is Charles Muntz who is played by the famous Christopher Plummer who just died on February 5, 2021.
The movie gives a good lesson about how you should accept the past, whether it be tragedy or old dreams. It shows the difficulties that people face when trying to move on, as well as the challenges they will have if they don’t.
Anyone would like this movie. It has humor for kids and good morals for adults or young adults. I give the movie a good solid 10/10.