Decoding the Presidential Debate

Roshni M. recaps the debate and offers her perspective on the candidates’ plans and promises

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I don’t know about you, but I took the time to watch the debate on October 22. And I don’t regret it. I definitely think that this debate helped people decide who they would vote for. The moderator was asking great questions and the candidates were giving great answers.

Let’s talk about COVID. Trump repeatedly said that Biden called him racist for doing a travel ban at the beginning of this, which is true, yet Biden kept saying throughout the COVID segment that Trump should’ve acted faster. It doesn’t make any sense because I think that the travel ban was justified; it definitely saved some lives.

Trump also repeatedly stated that he wants to reopen the US (safely but surely) and Biden said he didn’t want to yet. I think we should reopen, because the longer we act like this is the end of the world, the worse things will get.

Another thing that came up was fracking. Biden is very 2-sided when it comes to this. In some states, he said he’ll get rid of it. In others, including during the debate, he said he wasn’t going to get rid of it. Trump wants to keep it, which is what I also agree with. Getting rid of fracking means that so many jobs will be removed, which in turn hurts the American people.

The last thing I want to talk about is Joe Biden borrowing money. In the debate, he said he has “not taken a single penny from a foreign source.” I can’t tell you if this is completely true or not, but what I can say is that he is probably lying. Even his son (Hunter Biden) is in a scandal with Ukraine but the mainstream media is choosing to censor that.

In conclusion, this time of year every 4 years is always crazy. Just be careful what you’re hearing about each candidate and make the choice that you think best suits what you believe.

“It’s all talk, no act with these politicians.” – President Donald J. Trump