Never too old for free candy

Our first (pandemic) Halloween is just around the corner; middle schoolers aren’t too old to get in on the fun

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We are only a few days away from Halloween!!! There are some people who say that we are too old to dress up for halloween. But who does not want free candy? You can be whatever or whomever you want and get free candy!

You can even dress up with your pet, be characters from a movie, be players from a sports team and more! During this holiday season (halloween) we get to dress up and have fun, even if you are a bit older you can go with friends, I personally think it’s really fun.

There are plenty of examples of costumes that you can do with your pet or pets. You don’t really even have to buy the costumes, you can make your own costumes whether it’s out of cloth,a blanket, or even tissue paper. During this holiday they are selling costumes decorating and crafting things to decorate with. It is a truly fun holiday.