Babysitters Unite: Welcome to the Club

Carys D. , Staff Writer

This is part of a column series. 

Many people enjoy taking care of young kids or babies. For some people, it is just the feeling of helping. For others, it might be because they want to feel a higher power. Some people don’t even like children as much because of them, babies and young kids are such a burden.

Either way, it is very important to take care of children, especially if their parents are away. Being there when the child’s main source of parental care or guardianship isn’t is a huge must. They can be hard to take care of at times because of either their neediness or when kids are always wide awake when you’re half asleep. Plus, you don’t want to have the current guardians to have some trust issues with you, nor do you want them to think you don’t know what you’re doing, so I’m here to fix that!