Babysitters Unite: Kids need fresh air

Carys D. , Staff Writer

This is a column series. 

Don’t barricade them from the great outdoors.

Kids love being outside. It progresses their brains and activates their senses, helping them focus on one thing at a time. They shouldn’t be cooped up in a house or in a single room for too long, because they start to get bored, as any kid would.

The outside world helps them learn new topics like animals, plants, and even themselves. Since there would be a lot of bugs and animals crawling around the dirt and grass, you could try to spot them out and teach the child what the bug or animal is and its functions.

As for plants, they are everywhere and you are destined to have a child bring a healthy or withered plant to you. You could teach them flowers from grass, and help them garden with you if you wanted. Being outdoors triggers everyone’s sense of smell, so it could help kids with their smelling skills. Kids could also hear the birds chirping or the frogs “ribbiting,” or a stray cat’s meows.

Hopefully you could get lucky and the children don’t attempt to eat mud or grass, that would be a huge mess. There are many wonders to the outside world, and young’uns love exploring it!