Roshni’s On the Issue: School during a pandemic

Roshni M.

This is a column series.


Today’s column isn’t about politics, but more about life itself. 

Around 3 weeks ago, I came back to school in person. So far, it has not been that bad. To be honest, most things are the same, and it feels like I never even left. 

A lot of students and parents are concerned about returning to school. You really shouldn’t be, because we are following a lot of safety measures here. We are social distancing, doing temperature checks, and wearing masks. We are trying our best to be safe and I’d say we’re doing a pretty good job.

Apart from safety, the only difference is that there are less kids here, because they chose to learn online. 

Online school is way tougher than in-person school. When you’re in-person, your day is more structured, your assignments are clearly presented to you, you can ask your teachers questions more freely, etc. Online has its pros as well, but it also has a lot of cons. Your day isn’t structured, you can’t ask questions and get an answer right away, you aren’t around people, and more. 

In conclusion, in-person school is pretty much the same as normal, minus a few things. If you’re on the fence about coming back to school, maybe you should consider it.