Review: “Moesha” is a fun series for our generation, too

This fantastic throwback from the ’90s is funny – and teens can still relate

Review: Moesha is a fun series for our generation, too

London B., Staff Writer

The actors did an amazing job when it came to portraying the roles as these young adults. For example Brandy made the role of Moesha look effortless with her voice, attitude, and her body language. On the other hand some actors did a good job, but it didn’t seem natural. In my opinion Mary Ellen Hobbs who played the character of Monica McSwain is one of the actresses who didn’t give off a natural vibe. I say that because of how uncomfortable her character made me.

My favorite part about Moesha is the chemistry that the cast has in camera. You could really tell that they had a bond. Well at least for the show.

I think the lesson is Moesha would be to always use your voice and that it is okay to stand out. I remember when Moesha had gone to a new school she got stares for her braids, but she didn’t care because she knew it was good to stand out. She also used her voice and didn’t hold back when she knew something was wrong.

I think most young people from the ages of 13-17 would like this show because it has many things that can be beneficial to a young person’s life. I would recommend this show to a young person who is ready for a change. Not just ready for a change in themselves  but a change in society. The MPAA rating for Moesha is PG-13.

Moesha definitely gets a (5 cookies of 5 cookies) because of its powerful messages and the good acting!

London Bunton is in 7th grade. She isn’t in any sports at the moment. She likes to go outside with her friends, write, and watch T.V. She hopes to one day attend Howard University and study to be a Lawyer.