Dear Young Queen: You ARE loved – “boo” or not

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Dear Young Queen,

Being a young queen, you always want that feeling of security or the feeling that someone wants you. You want to feel loved, and know that someone will always be there for you. In most situations, in order to fill this need, most girls resort to a relationship/ dating boys. They make you feel like you are wanted, in other words, fill that gap. The entire time you don’t realize it, but they could be distracting you from bigger and better things.

Most middle school relationships don’t last very long, and most times it’s because we young queens are looking for a long term “hubby”. On the other hand most boys just live in the moment. If you ask one boy right now what they want to be when they grow up, they usually don’t know, or they’ll say somebody in the NBA or NFL. You and I both know that’s probably not going to happen. Now we are young, but you don’t want someone who has no real plans and life if you have your mind set on an amazing future. You’re better than that, boo.

Boys at this age have different priorities, and a girl is usually not their first choice. I know some boys are different, but some of the boys you call or think are different still break your heart into pieces with no care. They’re too busy doing other things to worry about how you’re feeling, and in that case your priorities are straight as well.

Boys can make you feel safe, and loved. They’re not needed for your success though, so try and distance yourself from them just for yourself. You can do so much and live so much more when you aren’t tied down at such a young age.