Better Together: Places to go for family fun

Our family visited Rainbow Vomit in August and had a super fun time in all of their adventure rooms.

Are you and your family or friends trying to look for an exciting place to go? Well, you should go to Rainbow Vomit in Dallas. I went there in August. It was super fun and it’s a good place to take pictures. When me and my family visited Rainbow Vomit we had such a great time.

Rainbow Vomit is a small building with many rooms and set ups to look at. Throughout the rooms the hostess will tell you to try and find the secret door they have hidden. My family and I couldn’t even find it till our last hour there and we had passed it multiple times!

You can book private reservations so that you don’t have to worry about being around people especially during COVID-19, that is what me and my family did just to be safe. Rainbow Vomit is an art gallery so you see many attractions and colorful things.

Because of COVID-19 masks are necessary at all times but can be taken down when taking pictures. According to the Rainbow Vomit website, regular tickets start at $23 a person on weekdays and $28 a person on weekends. They do require you to book your visit beforehand and don’t accept walk-ins. And private rentals are $175 per hour.