Let’s Go: Travel in the New Normal

Let’s talk about traveling in the new normal.

Well I personally love to travel. Now I don’t travel too much. I have only traveled by plane two times and I just fell in love with traveling.

Today, in the new normal most people are not traveling too much or at all and I understand why, either they are scared of getting sick, or are being very cautious. I personally have not traveled since the pandemic started and I have no idea if the reason is that me and my family are scared or being very cautious.( I think it’s a little of both)

Now although we have many different ways to travel we all have a favorite way to travel whether it is by plane, car , or even a train. Where I want to go with this is that we all miss traveling or simply going to the store without a face mask, although we all need them to stay safe, now let’s be honest we have all secretly wished that we did not have to wear mask.(I know I have)

Nearly 11,000 people have been exposed to COVID-19 during flights , more than 1,600 people were infected with COVID19 because they were in a plane with someone with COVID. This has been since September 19. So I think we all have to agree we need to be safe.