On The Ball With Shaun: Playing it smart at bat

Thank you for coming back for week two of On The Ball With Shaun. Hope you are having a great day.

Today we are going to be talking about how to be smart at the plate when you are up to bat. Let’s get started. It is very important to know your strike zone because you want to have a good eye at the plate and not swing at wild pitches. Especially in little league the more you work the pitcher at every at bat that is more pitches and at little league coaches don’t want kids to throw a whole bunch of pitches because that hurts their arm. So more you make him throw faster a new pitcher will come in.

Now say when you are up and there is a runner on second you want to hit it to the right side on the ground so you can move the runner closer to home and he will have a better chance of scoring. Some of the problems that kids have right now is that they are trying to hit a homerun every at-bat. The problem with that is you will most likely pop it up instead of hitting it over the fence and plus would you rather go one for three with a homerun or three for three with 2 doubles and a single. Basically what I am saying is that when you don’t try to hit a homerun and just try to make good contact with the ball then it will get you farther and on base more.

That’s all I have for this week. Hope this can help you if you are not doing so good right now at the plate. Hope you come back next week to learn more.