On The Ball With Shaun: Catching The Coach’s Eye

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Welcome back to On The Ball With Shaun!  Today we will be talking about what coaches want to see out of you.

One main thing that coaches want to see is you always hustling and and trying your hardest. Ways that you can hostile is by sprinting on the field, running out ground balls, and trying to get everything, like going after fly balls and ground balls.

Your attitude is also important too and another main thing coaches look at. The reason they look for your attitude is because they don’t want someone on their team that always whines, complains, or argues with everyone and gets mad all the time. They want someone that always keeps their head up, supports their teammates, doesn’t argue with the umpires, always being happy and trying – and not getting mad after you make a bad play.

Coaches like when you are a good listener and pay attention to them. When you do those things you will learn more and the coaches can coach you more and do more things with you. If you are a fast learner they will love you because they can do more with you and you and your team will get better.

To me, the main thing is having a good attitude and always hustling.

Hope you learned something new today and can use this in a game and help get you farther as a baseball player. Don’t forget to come back next week for more On The Ball With Shaun.