Absolutely Anime: Why Naruto is an amazing anime!

    I have watched a certain amount of anime and there is no other like Naruto. I’ll explain why.

    Naruto is the perfect blend of amazing fights, good characters, and sad backgrounds, which is almost exactly what makes an anime good! So let’s start with the amazing fights.

    The first amazing fight is only twelve episodes into the show. It is called Battle On The Bridge. They are escorting this bridge builder to act as bodyguards. The bridge builder is from a very poor village who has been terrorized by thugs for years now. The bridge is to help them escape the thugs. There is one person who works for the boss of the thugs. (Two actually). Their names are Haku and Zabuza. They are from the land hidden in the mist. Zabuza is a ruthless fighter who is, well, a ruthless fighter. The other is Haku, someone who trained and went to school to be a tracker ninja. Haku isn’t even a tracker ninja. Haku used to be homeless until Zabuza found him and gave him a home. Zabuza trained him to fight, as well as acted like a father to him. Long story short, Zabuza and Haku end up face-to-face against Naruto and his team. Haku is revealed to have a bloodline power where he can make mirrors out of ice (anything out of ice really) and go in the mirror. Haku then stabs Naruto and his teammate over and over again. His teammate risks his life for Naruto. Naruto gets mad and unlocks his nine tails power. After Naruto talks and fights with Haku, the thugs show up and Haku dies. Zabuza gets emotional and decides to change his way. He has two lifeless arms so he takes a kunai, puts it in his mouth, and runs at the thugs. He ends up killing them all. He is now exhausted and dies by Hakus side.

    Now let’s talk about the good characters! The main character of it all is Naruto (if you couldn’t already tell about the anime name) He is a rambunctious knucklehead ninja who wants to be the next Hokage. The Hokage is the strongest in the village and is the president basically. The next character is on the same team as Naruto. Their name is…Sakura. Sakura is hopeless and useless. Why you ask? She doesn’t know any jutsu until like 9 seasons later. She is trained by the Sanin (Legendary Ninja) Tsunade. There are three Sanins. Anyways, while Naruto and Sasuke are fighting to the DEATH, Sakura is happy because she finally revived a fish. Finally, the leader of Team 7, Kakashi. He has had a rough life but never lets his guard down. He is very strong and one of the strongest ninjas in the village.

    Speaking of characters let’s talk about sad backstories. Let’s start with Sasuke Uchiha. His brother is Itachi Uchiha. Itachi Uchiha seemed like a nice person. He was a very strong ninja who was always the youngest to accomplish something. One night, Sasuke was training a little late. He went home to find the place was empty. He was scared. He ran inside to hear his parents screams. He was too scared to open the door, but when he did, he found Itachi over the body of his dead parents. Sasuke went on training harder than ever, promising to restore his clan. Now let’s go to Naruto. Both of Naruto’s parents die not long after he is born and he is left all alone with no family. When his parents die they tell the third hokage to watch over Naruto. WHICH HE DOES TERRIBLE AT!!!!!!! He basically puts him in an apartment and gives him ramen. He does also pay the rent but he didnt make sure the village saw him as a normal person. He goes on to get the RIGHT attention he deserves. Oh, and Sasuke? He does kill Itachi. But I shouldn’t spoil that.