Rest In Peace, Fluffy: A Pet Talk Special

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A sad time has come upon us. Due to a special request, I am going to address the sad passing of a fellow furry friend. Even though their name won’t be revealed, we will be talking about how to deal with the passing of your pretty pet, and what to do.

First, dear MR, I am sorry that your pet has passed. I guarantee they were very important to you, and made your life better every second of the day. Even so, death is a natural part of life, so don’t feel like the passing of your dog was ANY WAY your fault. My pet had to be given away a year ago because of her scratching my brother, and even though in no way does it compare to death it still felt hard to see her go. So personally, that feeling of loss does hurt, but after a bit it will pass, and soon you’ll find peace with the fact that your dog is somewhere better.

Now, if your pet has passed, like I was saying, it most likely isn’t your fault. It’s the cycle of life, and I believe that when something good leaves your life, something good will come back! Furthermore, most people probably don’t take pet deaths as seriously as human deaths, which is understandable, but doesn’t make your pets death any less relevant. Just try and remember these core things, because it will help you recover from this passing much quicker.

Next, you can try and take your mind off the passing by doing things that relax you. Whether that is painting, jogging, or watching your favorite show while eating chips, just try and do what my grandmother calls ‘soothe your soul’. On the other hand, if you can’t find something that takes your mind off losing your pet, then talk to somebody you know or trust. That could be your school counselor, mom, brother, or maybe your pet plant? Either way, it is crucial to get your feelings out and open, so that everything isn’t bottled up.

Lastly, have a funeral. It might seem corny or silly, but a funeral is a good way to say goodbye and accept your pet’s passing. It doesn’t have to be a huge event, but just enough so that you can have a sense of peace and closer.

That is it for today’s column! If you have a special request for my next column please email me at [email protected]! Goodbye and have a great week everyone.