Reasons why pets are the BEST

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We all know that pets overall just make everything in life better. Still, its nice to have a reminder of why you keep your furry friend around! Here, I am going to list to you a few reasons why having a pet is beneficial to you and your everyday life!

The first reason is because they keep you healthy! If you have a dog that you have to walk, that forces YOU to walk too. You also get mental health benefits as well, with a decreased feeling of loneliness and an increased feeling of happiness.

Another reason why pets are superior is because they can improve your social life, Even though it seems surprising, having a pet can be a great conversation starter and improve relationships with your loved ones. So next time your walking to the dog park, remember that you could make a friend there too!

Next, owning a pet can help you learn responsibility and become a better person. As you probably already know, having a pet means feeding them, cleaning them, and taking care of their doctor visits (if you have to). Overall, that is a lot to handle! With this being said, it shows how important it is you take care of your pet, and that it can make you more accountable.

Lastly, pets can help you destress! After a long day of school (or work), there is nothing better than to hug your furry friend! A 2003 study found that petting an animal after a stressful situation can reduce feelings of anxiety. Moreover, in the midst of this pandemic, a destresser is a must.

Thank you for reading my column, and don’t forget to tune in for the next one.