Column: Zodiac Zeal – Sagittarius

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This week I will be telling you about some personality traits that a sagittarius may have. People that fall under this zodiac sign are adventurous, spontaneous, and considered the most joyful and fun loving of all the other zodiacs. Us sagittarians are also very smart and very intuitive beings who are rarely wrong in our predictions. We are also considered wild, independent and exciting. We are social, friendly and we basically try to live life to the fullest.

People say that sagittarius signs play around too much and that we never get anything done. When actually we are one of the smartest signs and we choose not to go based on what other people think about us or our sign. Did you know that Sagittarius is one of the fire signs along with Aries and Leo? I personally think that we have the most fun out of all of the rest of the signs because it’s just our reaction to being around our very good friends, that we like, love, and trust. Oh here’s a side note, if a sagittarius is mean to you then they either like you, hate you, or you too are just really good friends and that’s how you joke around.

(Disclaimer: Zodiac information provided for entertainment purposes only.)