Zodiac Zeal – Virgo

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This is a column series. 

This next sign was suggested by one of my close friends, Kaliyah C! The sign that she asked me to do was Virgo! You know the drill, if your birthday is August 23-September 22 then you’re a Virgo! 

Virgos are said to pay very close attention to very small details. At one point in their life, they find out how neat and orderly that they are. 

Virgos are that one friend who stays behind to see if you’re ok, and to take care of you if you’re not. They listen to your problems because they actually care, and they are always willing to give you advice.

The only way that they won’t listen to your problems, is if they don’t have a way to help you or they don’t have a word of advice to give you. Virgos will always be kind to you even if you’re mean to them, they will always be open to forgive you.

If you ever want a reason to love a virgo then here are few reasons why. 1. They are very loyal. 2. Their discretion. 3. Their kindness. 4. You can always rely on them. 5. Their playfulness.

I hope that you can find a way to agree with these things because most of them apply to almost every Virgo that I know. Even Kaliyah C.!

(Disclaimer: Zodiac information provided for entertainment purposes only.)