Pet Talk: Careers for Pet Lovers


As a fellow pet lover, it is hard to pick a career that you will love and enjoy! Well if you are a pet love like me, then here are some job options for you. Most of them pay considerably well, and with the right amount of training and experience, that job could one day be yours! As always, thank you for reading, and I hope everyone had a great Winter break.

The first most obvious job is to become a veterinarian. If you do great under pressure and aren’t afraid of a little mess, becoming a vet is a good fit for you. Even so, you will need a 4 year bachelor’s degree, along with a doctorate to go along with it. On the other hand, if that seems too much for you, there are also career options such as Veterinary Nurses, Technicians and Assistants which have decent pay also!
Next on our list is Zookeeper. To make a long story short, Zookeeper’s tend to the wounded animals at a zoo, along with being tasked to sometimes clean, feed, groom and observe the animals. Moreover, in this career you can also provide information to the public, and in training programs.

Now if you are looking for a less stressful job that is perfect for younger people, a pet sitter should definitely be on your list! All they do is take care of other people’s animals for a length of time. The job is basically babysitting for animals, and sometimes the job can be done at the other person’s house, or yours. One great thing about this job is that no certifications are required, and it is a great way to make quick money!

Subsequently, if you are more interested in the deep sea then a Marine Biologist is a good fit as well. Marine Biologist’s study sea animals and how they interact with our world. In this job, the research can be done in a lab, boat, or aquarium!

Last but not least, if you enjoy having fun with all sorts of animals and teaching them tons of tricks, you can become an animal trainer as well! Animal Trainer’s work with a variety of animals and teach them how to perform specific tasks to impress an audience. Luckily, all you need for this career is a high school diploma or GED, but having more certifications and experience can help you in the long run.

Well, thank you everyone for reading and I hope you had a great week! Watch out for my next article!