Beyond the Bell: Coach Schweiger


Trinity H.

Coach Schwieger’s cheer squad performs a tribute during retirement celebration honoring longtime ROISD employee Donna Knight.

Get to know more about Coach Hannah Schwieger in this Q&A session with ROITK’s Hayden W.

Why did you want to start teaching?
“It was more of a backup plan, my main focus was becoming a Biochemical Engineer that was my main passion.But I ended up majoring in education in college.”

What is your purpose in teaching?
“To help students figure out what they want and wanted to do in life.I wanted To make them a better person all around to help them in life .Help them become more passionate about what they do and what they wanna do. To make their thinking and thinking through problems better and more officiant through rough and tough situations .”

Why did you decide not to go through with your other dreams?
“ My parents didn’t want to pay for real college and I Didn’t want to go to ATMs and Texas and those places. I found a college I liked and it involved my passions of becoming a Biochemical Engineer and teaching. I decided that I wanted to mix my passions and become a science teacher and now i’m here teaching 8th grade science.”

Did you know that you would end up being a teacher?
“I always kind of thought about it,and when i really started getting into it i found out i had a talent for it.I also have had fun teaching,and had fun getting to know the kids.Because kids can be interesting and this is when everything starts to get serious.But you can have that goofiness but be teaching a higher level.”

Why do you teach and coach cheer?
“I got asked to coach cheer after my first year of teaching. I had a small dancing background and cheer and dancing are not that far off. Everyone had fun doing it and so do I. I loved seeing these kids live out their passion just like I love seeing the football, baseball and basketball players live out their passion.”