Global warming and climate change not just a ‘grown up’ problem

Imagine it’s a hot summer day. You want to go to the beach to cool off but BAM no more beaches, because we didn’t want to take care of global warming when we had the chance. Global warming is something that’s happening right now on our planet earth. Global warming is something serious and can possibly cause animals to be extinct, habitats to vanish, and our world as we know to disappear.

What is Global warming and what is causing it ?
Global warming is the earth’s temperature and atmosphere heating up. In the past few decades there has been so much pollution and greenhouse gasses ( Greenhouse gasses are gases that absorb radiant energy[energy from the sun] and convert the energy into thermal energy[thermal energy]. This causes the earth to heat up way faster than it should according to That’s why scientists are really worried about global warming right now. Humans are a big part of the problem according to People who work on companies that work in plantations depend too much on fossil fuels and CAUSE the pollution and the greenhouse gasses to be used way more than it should be.

What are the effects of GW ?
Global warming will cause our environment to not be as how we see it right now. There will be no beaches, no north AND south pole, and the sky will have a really ugly orange color. We already started to lose animals and habitats due to global warming. We will have stronger hurricanes, a lot more droughts, and longer heat waves due to this. Have you ever watched “Wall-E” ? If you have, that’s how our world is going to look if we don’t do something fast and take care of the earth while we can.

What to do to help ?
Start researching and learn more on global warming! Make sure to recycle and start caring for it. It is important for us and our future kids!