Column: On the Issue with Roshni

COVID Vaccine is here…but is there a catch?

Recently, a COVID vaccine was produced by Pfizer with 95% effectiveness. This is great. I think it is amazing that we were able to create a vaccine in just under 9 months. This is an amazing thing for our nation, not to mention the amount of lives it will save. My only concern is that something could possibly go wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, this vaccine is revolutionary and will help a ton, but this vaccine was created under time pressure. Which means it could’ve been rushed. Even though it has a very high effectiveness rate, it hasn’t had the years of clinical testing that other vaccines have had.

However, I’m not too worried about it. I think with time it’ll be fine. I’m just glad that there even is a vaccine for this virus that has ruined the livelihoods of so many people across the world.