Hidden Travel Treasures with Mariana: Pack Your Bags, Let’s Go

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Photo by Mario Pais Cie from Pexels

Yellowstone National Park

Bang! Bang! Imagine the noises of your travel bags hitting the metal covering of the TSA tables at the airport. Now, as I have said before, I love traveling. Some of the most traveled places during 2020 are Morocco, Thailand, Mexico, Oman, Portugal, Costa Rica and more. I would be on a plane to Mexico Guanajuato visiting my family if it was not for Covid-19. Although I know we can travel during the pandemic, my family would rather not.

I think there are very beautiful places to visit and many places that are not very recognized for how beautiful they are. Here are some of my unsung getaway locations for families to visit: Yosemite National Park , YellowStone National Park, and Zion National Park.These are some of the natural places to visit, you can hike . go on walks and take family pictures. These national parks are a bit less visited so there is less danger for COVID-19, these are good places to visit if you want to go on vacation this year.

It feels so good to be on vacation when you can just relax. Let’s be honest; we have all wished we could go on vacation at least once during the pandemic. These are some places you could totally ask your parents to go on vacation.