Pet Talk: A little detour…best zoos to visit!

Even though my column has been pet focused, this week we are going to take a little detour and talk about zoos!

Zoos are dedicated specifically to animals, and a whole ton of them as well. No matter what you like, or what animals you favor, there is something for everyone at a zoo. Furthermore, I am going to be giving you some good zoos to go to in Texas. Just don’t forget, we’re still in quarantine, so please social distance and stay safe if you attend any.

First to make it on our list is the Gladys Porter Zoo. It was first opened in 1971 and his home to an outstanding 377 species of animals, and 225 species of plants. Boasting at about 31 acres and 1600 animals, you’ll find a variety of unique exhibits. Cherry on top, there is a petting zoo and children’s playground if you would like to invite the kids along, proving there really is something for everyone.

Next, a zoo that almost everyone has heard of, is the Dallas Zoo. Founded far back in 1888, it is Texas’ oldest zoo. Topping our list with over 2000 animals and 95 acres of land, this zoo is said to have done very well with mimicking the animals’ environments. To make things easier for the social distancing fellows, the Dallas Zoo has started giving our digital maps that can be viewed from your own mobile!

Another good zoo to check out is the Fort Worth Zoo, which is also very popular. The zoo started in 1909 with nearly 6 animals and a few rabbits. Nowadays, that number has expanded to 7,000 animals (native and exotic), with tons of attractions such as the Tasmanian Tower and Safari Splash.

Last but not least on our list is the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco. Adjacent to the Brazos River, it is one of the largest undeveloped parks in the US. With a smaller amount of 52 acres, this zoo has many exhibits to offer. In total, there are around 1700 animals residing there, representing 300 species on display.

Make sure that you check out these amazing zoos when you get the chance!