Pet Talk: Choosing the best pet for your personality

Easy, Low Maintenance Pets to Own

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Having a pet can either be one of the easiest responsibilities you could have, or one of the hardest challenges you have faced. Either way, having a pet is a responsibility by itself, so I am going to make a list of pets you can own, based on your personality! If you are lazy, hardworking, hyper, or all of the above, I will have a pet for you!

The first to make it on our list is Sea Monkeys! Created in 1957, these aquatic creatures are very low-maintenance, only needing to be fed once a week, and their tank cleaned once a month. If you want to get scientific, you can hatch these little creatures in your own home, or have the comfort of buying them already hatched from a pet store.

Next there are Guinea Pigs! Only growing to be around 2 pounds, they not only live for a good length of time but are relatively easy to take care of as well. Furthermore, Guinea pigs only need the basics; a cage, food and water. Other than that, they are self sufficient in being active! Indeed these furry friends can keep your kid or yourself entertained without much work on your part.

Third on our list are Goldfish. A creature almost everyone knows of, is actually one of the easiest, laid back pets there is. Indeed, all you need is a fish bowl, filter and fish food, and you’re all set. Starting at $20 a fish, these water buddies are surely cheap, and easy! To make matters better, with good care and nutrition these fish can live up to a decade!

Last but not least, to give this article a little variety, are cats. Yes you heard me right, cats. Without a doubt, cats are actually pretty easy to take care of. Unlike dogs, they do not need constant attention, only a place to sleep, food, water, and kitty litter. Although still quite the investment, it is good to have your cat microchipped, and fully vaccinated as well. In addition, cats can also be left alone while you do work, school, or extracurricular activities, helping to take the stress off of you. Indeed, these furry felines definitely are worth the price.

The world is a tough place, and having pets doesn’t need to be tougher. With this put together list, you should be able to find a pet in no time, and have fun with yours too!