Young Queen: Bullying is NEVER okay

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Dear Young Queen:

Bullying is far from rare in school, online, and at home for so many people. The way to go about bullying changes for every circumstance. It would be nice to help out, so I’ll try my best.

Don’t blame yourself for the treatment you’re receiving. Bullying, anywhere, is never ok. Nothing you own or present as a person is worth being picked on or talked about. In fact your worth more than what those people say. It sounds really cliche, but a lot of people mess with you out of jealousy. They might be upset with themselves in a way, and take that out on you.

Try and block those words. Some people can find what you’re truly insecure about and bully you based on those insecurities. When they target those insecurities, you begin to beat yourself up and get in your head over things like this. Blocking out what they say could prevent all of that. Try to think positive of yourself.

Now never ever feel like something is wrong with you. Nothing is wrong with you. You are amazing! Don’t try and change yourself to look like the average person, trust me your uniqueness matters in this world. Imagine if everybody was the same… same hair, same eyes, same smile, same laugh. It would get old really quickly, and that’s why DIVERSITY is a positive.

Bullying is never ok even if it’s the people you think are your friends. Bullying can lead to ill thoughts and even worse. While you can, get help. Tell your parents or administrators at school, do what it takes. Do what helps make you feel comfortable, queen.