Annoyed…”This is easy”

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A student just took a test and just reviewed her test score

“Omg- this is sooo easy,” people might say. But some things that are easy for you aren’t easy for others. People may say “yeah it’s so easy, right?” Deep down, they might secretly struggling.
If you’re ever taking a test, never brag about your grade. Other students just may not comprehend what to do. It’s not because they are lazy. It might be because they are better at other things than the subject or topic you find so easy.
Even if you feel proud of yourself, just don’t brag. Seriously. It may not seem like it’s affecting others, but it’s hurting people around you. You could do a slight yell or praise – on the inside. I’m telling you this because what if it happen to you? You would never want somebody to make you feel bad or like you’re less than them. In fact, to me it looks like you’re crying for attention if you do that. Charlie Puth knows what I’m talking about.
So now you know what to do the next time you have a quiz or an important test. STUDY for it – but don’t brag!