Column: Young Queen on hygiene (…awkward pause)

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Dear Young Queen
By Trinyti Houston

Let’s talk about hygiene.

As young ladies, we need to stay on top of our hygiene. I know we all have preferences on how we smell, what we wear, hairstyles etc. That’s ok, trust me! Yet we still all need to do that while respecting our bodies and being presentable.

Let’s start with body odor. Body odor is one the most natural things we all share, girls and boys. Everyone has their days when they are just too lazy to get out of bed. When you finally do get up, just take a few moments to take a shower – or do it the night before, if you’re too rushed in the mornings. I promise you it’s worth it.

Not only does showering and getting yourself ready help you smell good, but it also can make you feel much better. Just the thing to wake you up early in the morning!

Next on the list, those pearly whites. First off not everyone’s teeth are not perfectly white. Like I said before, perfection is almost impossible. Even with knowing this, still brush your teeth morning and night. Nobody likes smelly breath. If you’re talking to someone and their facial expressions start giving a disgusted mood, it could very well be because of your breath. That’s embarrassing. Try to avoid that situation altogether by brushing your teeth at least twice a day. You could even bring some breath mints or gum with you.

When people see you for the first time, they go off of appearance. Yes personality matters, but they’ll look first. Make sure what you do makes you feel nice, but also keep it appropriate. At a young age it’s good to try and learn to dress. Once you grow older it’ll be better to know how to dress. Especially for special occasions.

Never forget it’s your choice how you dress, and go about your hygiene. Don’t think you should change what you do or who you are because of what I’m saying. This Is always advice when it’s coming for me. Don’t forget to stay presentable, and keep your head up no matter what!