Annoyed: Dishes and the secret

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This is part of a column series. 

I know a lot of people have to wash dishes as a chore.

Sometimes over at my mom’s house, I have to wash dishes. So every single time I’m in a good mood and see a pile of dishes in the sink, I go over to the sink and try to wash them. But then I take a break.  My mom comes in and says, “Kaliyah go wash those dishes now.”

Even though I was washing them, it’s like I have to be forced to do something I was already doing. It always kills the mood once parents tell us to do something we were already doing. This situation happens to me all the time. Our parents think that we will not be able to clean without being told.

Let’s prove them all wrong! As soon as you go home, just start cleaning. Once your mom or dad says, “what’s got into you,” just say, “I love you.” Let me just tell you, they will think of you as responsible if you continue doing this.